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As a mother I made so many mistakes raising our sons, but by prayer and the grace of God each son has done well. Though I gave them much love, there was never enough money to give them. From ROC-THAD, an idea surface... reach a youth’s heart and pay them, if they want a second chance, or need an income. This idea is Opportunity Opens/To Pay Students … Tees by OOPS There It Is. Since witnessing our son’s struggle to achieve their purpose, the passion to reach youth has enslaved me. Please, check out: / It is still under construction but look for the opening of / Pray for us and for those youth who authentically desire to reach their purpose.


Why Us?

Living in a culture within a culture, our three sons and our friend’s children were bullied constantly because of the color of their skin. When my husband lost his job because of racism, we were attempting to build their self-worth through storytelling dramatization. As I saw one son loose fifty pounds, the other begging for food at school, and his brother crying at night… telling him that he was hungry_ only the Lord kept my husband and me from killing those responsible. Witnessing our sons and our selves being changed to the hate that was destroying us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, opened my eyes. Our sons were becoming rage-filled Afro American boys who was ready to kill, or thought about suicide.
Through much prayer, God’s grace allowed us to begin pouring into our son’s heart no matter how they rebelled against us. The Lord saved our sons, but He gave us a passion to see all youth who want a second chance to fulfill their purpose.
We have a passion to see all youth who want a second chance to fulfill their purpose. That is why us!


ROC-THAD’S backdrops were done by Jill Miller while at the McAllen International Museum [MIMS], presently known as IMAS.

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ROC-THAD’S first troupe consisted of the Jacksons three son. Because there were no Afro American girls, in the Rio Grande Valley, Stephanie and a friend drove about a hundred and eighty-four miles to Beeville, Texas each week.


Reach Our Children-They Had A Dream attempts to reach youth where they are. If a youth desires a second chance, the sky is the limit. When my husband volunteered at Beto House, a facility for boys, one boy ran out following him. “Today is my birthday,” he told my husband, “and my parents are in prison.