PK Collectible Card Game

The item of pk collectible card sport is to pick out your avatar and lead your troops into victory against your opponent(s). Your deck is constructed of various combos of avatar, troops and power/magic playing cards.

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The leader (or fashionable) of your troops is your avatar. Every avatar has their personal abilties and you’re allowed to simplest have one avatar to your deck. Have an impact on are your spell and magic cards. You can use more than one influence in a war, however you may most effective use it for one flip (one sortie). Troops are your infantrymen and feature exclusive offensive/protective powers and exclusive abilities in addition to aid bonuses. They’ve 4 ranks: henchman, best friend, champion, and legend. Last however now not least are the electricity playing cards which you are only allowed to have one power card in step with participant during a sortie. Each strength card has its own unique capacity and may be prepared for your avatar.

A way to play pk collectible card recreation

You could roll a die or turn a coin to look who is going first. When you start, every participant starts with four karma points and zero prestige. Each participant then flips over their avatar. Next every participant draws cards (seven if it is the first sortie) and can rally,that is to use one karma to discard and draw two cards. You can maintain to do that till you both choose to forestall or run out of karma, however you may best rally all through your first turn. After the first participant puts down a troop card his flip is over and it is the participant on his left that goes next. Any participant(s) that has they same type of troop card the first participant placed down has to place down the identical kind as nicely. In the event that they do not have that kind they could then positioned down every other card. You then have interaction in warfare or the battle stage. Relying how high the attacker’s offense and defenders defense, the only with the best will win. If a tie than you go to trump and if that does not determine a winner a pk occurs. Whoever wins profits one status point. Then comes the stage aftermath which is wherein every gamers makes use of their playing cards consequences.

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